Belucent toothbrush case colour
Bacteria on a toothbrush. Germs. Virus. Bathroom. Germicidal.

Your toothbrush can contain millions of bacteria

Scientists show that a normal toothbrush is the home of millions of bacterias and viruses. This can be flu virus, staph bacteria, E. coli, yeast fungus and strep virus.

Belucent toothbrush case colour

Kill 99,9% of germs in 5 min

Keeping your brush clean has become super easy. The UV-C lights start automatically and kill 99,9% of all the germs in only 5 minutes. Leave the toothbrush in the case through the day to protect from new germs in the bathroom and also make it look nicer. The air holes on the front and back allows the brush to dry quickly.

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There Are Millions Of Germs On Your Toothbrush But You Can Kill Them With This Gadget

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This little box keeps your toothbrush completely clean of bacteria

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