Our Story

Nothing shines as bright as a smile

Be Lucent was founded on the idea that every smile is unique and every smile makes the world a brighter place.

We want to inspire people to rethink and re-evaluate their dental routines.

We want to make them shine brighter, to be Lucent.


Adding creative curiosity to innovative health.

A young and creative brand who challenges the ways we care for our dental health. 

Combining new thinking with a clean design and sustainable approach.

All molded together through a scandinavian mindset of functional aesthetics.

ett leende

A new beginning

If we keep looking at dental routines the same way,
we will keep getting the same results. We don’t need another toothbrush with an F1-engine, rather help us maintain the habits we want and are able to not only keep, but also improve.

Let’s bring some fun into the teeth-game.


A brighter tomorrow

We have big plans and dreams. Throughout our journey, we will always have sustainability streaming through everything we do, and we strive to always do things better. Step by step. We are devoted to making the packaging of our products attractive, but we always make them in paper and avoid any plastics or magnets. The dental industry has lots of consumables which might end up as unwanted waste. We constantly look for solutions to make these products better and with less impact on the environment. We sincerely hope that you'll like what we're doing and greatly appreciate if you reach out with ideas, complaints or compliments.