A long lasting smile

Be Lucent's gentle teeth whitening treatment offers a 8-12 days program that can sustain the brightness of your teeth for up to two years.

When you want to further freshen up your smile or to reach even whiter shades, you can find the refill pack with three more gel tubes.

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Superenkelt 🙌

Snygg, enkelt, smidig och redan efter ett par dagars användning märkte jag skillnad på mina tänder. Rekommenderas verkligen.

Henrik Bigelius
Amazing product - easy to use with fantastic results!

I have now done 5 days and can really see the difference with zero tingle or discomfort. Thank you for an amazing product!

Hedda Wallin
Great product, but a bit longer process…

The whole process was as easy as brushing your teeth!!! And the best part, It didn't cause any discomfort or sensitivity, which I really like!

However, there's a slight hitch that keeps me from giving it five stars. Although they say you'll see results in about a week, it took a over 12 days for my teeth to reach the brightness I wanted. I was looking forward to a quicker turnaround.

The extra days didn't dampen the overall experience, and my teeth look fabulous now. If you're looking for a teeth whitening solution that's gentle and straightforward, I recommend Stellar. It might take a little longer than expected to achieve the brightest smile. However, when you do, the wait will be more than worth it! :-D

Malin Björklund

Very good and very cool design!

Robert Gawell
A little longer then it says but, worth it 100%!

I've dabbled with various teeth whitening products, but Be Lucent Stellar is in a league of its own. I noticed a significant difference after the first use and by the end of the treatment, my teeth were really white!

Things I loved:
The gel is foolproof to apply, and it's like I was painting my teeth with ease!
Using the kit was a breeze. I just used it for 20 minutes while watching TV and then done!
The biggest plus for me? Absolutely zero sensitivity!

Now, the program suggests 7 days for the full effect, but in my case, it took around 13 days to achieve my desired brightness. But you know what, it was totally ok with me and I still have some gel left so I could probably get a couple of uses more.

In a nutshell, Be Lucent Stellar is a top-tier whitening product. The slightly longer wait for the full effect doesn’t detract from its awesomeness.