Frequently asked questions:

Is the Be Lucent Stellar Gentle Teeth Whitening system suitable for sensitive teeth?

Yes, our formula is specifically designed to be gentle on your enamel and gums. The Be Lucent PAP+ gel uses hydroxyapatite, a naturally occurring mineral that forms the main structure of teeth, to mitigate the potential risks of enamel damage.

How long does the teeth whitening treatment last?

Be Lucent's gentle teeth whitening treatment offers a 5-7 days program that can sustain the brightness of your teeth for up to two years​.

Are there refill packs available?

Yes, when you want to further freshen up your smile or to reach even whiter shades, you can find the refill pack with three more gel tubes​.

How does the blue and red light technology work?

The teeth whitening activator incorporates a dual LED light system comprising both blue and red lights. The blue lights whiten your teeth, while the red lights provide a therapeutic effect for the gums.

Why is the formula peroxide-free?

The gel formula is 100% free from Hydrogen Peroxide to avoid causing sensitive teeth and to minimize potential risks of enamel damage.

What is the role of the teeth whitening activator?

The teeth whitening activator uses a dual LED light system comprising both blue and red lights. The blue light contributes to the whitening effect, while the red light provides a therapeutic, soothing effect for your gums.

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