Quick Guide

1. Prepare your teeth
Brush your teeth to make sure they
are clean. Then dry your teeth with a tissue or towel.
2. Apply the gel
Unscrew the lid of the teeth
whitening gel. Rotate the bottom
of the tube clockwise until the gel
flows into the brush. Then paint the
gel onto your teeth. Add extra gel
on yellow teeth. Avoid putting gel on
the gums.
3. Prepare the whitening activator
Place the mouth tray into your mouth and bite gently. Find the best fit for your teeth. Then press the button to turn the light on.
4. Use the whitening activator
The process runs for 20 minutes and will automatically turn off when it’s done. The light will also pause for half a second after 10 minutes to inform about half-time.
5. Rinse in water
Rinse your mouth with water after
taking the activator out. Clean the
mouth tray under tap water.


Safety instructions

Read all the instructions before using the product. 

• The whitening process does not work on artificial teeth nor teeth that are damaged.
• The whitening kit should not be used by pregnant and breastfeeding women nor children under 16 years
• The silicon rail on the activator is waterproof and should be cleaned under tap water. But the main body of the activator is not waterproof and must not be immersed under water.
• Do not pour boiling water on the silicon rail, as it might damage the shape.
• Avoid any contact with the eyes.
• The saliva produced during the whitening process is ok to swallow.
• If you would experie irritation or swollen gum, please discontinue the program and contact a dentist.
• Do not use the whitening kit while sleeping.
• Keep the kit away for children under 3 years old.
• Do not try to detach, deform nor repair the device yourself.

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