Quick Guide

- Charge the case with the USB Type-C charger. The red indicator light will flash while charging and have a solid light when the battery is full.

- Place the toothbrush into the case and close the lid.

- Once the lid is closed, the UV-C light will run for 5 minutes to sterilize the brush and then automatically turn off.

- The UV-C light is automatically turned off when the lid is opened

- To use the complementary wall hanger, remove the plastic film and stick the plate to the wall. The hanger can be removed without glue marks.

- A complementary cradle is included to better hold thinner toothbrushes. Use a small screwdriver to change cradle. 


Safety instructions

Read all the instructions before using the product. 

- Keep the product away from small children and pets. The case contain a Li battery.

- Do not drop, sit on or allow the case to be immersed in water.

- Clean the case with a damp cloth or towel. 

- Use the USB charger included in the package

- Do not disassemble the case. Incorrect reassembly may result in injuries. 

- Do not look directly into the UV-C light.

- Do not try to put the UV-C light on when the lid is open

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