What is UV-C?

UV-C is one of three sorts of ultraviolet light. The one with the shortest wavelenght, between 200-280 nm. It has germicidal effect, which means it kills 99,9% of pathogens (bacteria, virus etc) on surfaces and in the air.

Natural UV light

UV light naturally radiates from the sun. Fortunately the atmosphere protects us from the UV-C light and most of the UV-B light, which otherwise would be dangerous for humans. Most of the UV-A is coming through. This is why we need to be careful about sun burns.


UV-C is germicidal, which means it eliminates almost all the bacteria and viruses on a surface or in the air. It is being used in many different areas, for example hospitals, gyms and even space stations. 

UV-C radiation can be dangerous and must be handled in the right way. Therefore the Aurora toothbrush case only turns on the UV-C light when the lid is closed.

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