How dirty is my toothbrush?

How dirty is my toothbrush?
How dirty is my toothbrush?
Scientists show that a normal toothbrush is the home of millions of bacterias and viruses. This can be flu virus, staph bacteria, E. coli, yeast fungus and strep virus.
The wet bristles create a perfect breeding ground for these ugly germs in the bathroom.
The good thing is that your immune system fight most of these germs off, preventing you from getting sick. But some can still slip through and affect your health.
How to keep your toothbrush clean
Some general advice:
Don't brush where you flush. Keeping your toothbrush close to the toilet allows germs to spread while flushing (especially the E. coli bacteria)
Shake water off the toothbrush and allow it to dry
Change toothbrush at least every 3 months
Don't share toothbrush with anyone, unless you have assured that it's germ free
Elimiate germs on a regular basis with Be Lucent Aurora
Be Lucent Aurora
The Aurora UV-C case kills 99.9% of all the germs in 5 minutes. The air holes and the slight heat from the UV-C lights also dries the brush quickly.
The case protects the brush from germs and dirt through the day, allowing you a clean brush twice a day.
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